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iPhone Spends A Year Under Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake And Survives

Image credit – Chen/Bao Fei 1 Commune

Our smartphones, for the most part, aren’t really designed to be submerged underwater. They are designed to withstand water in the event we accidentally get them wet, but they were never really designed to go deep underwater, let alone remain there submerged for months on end. However, we are surprised from time to time with these stories.

The latest story comes out of Taiwan where a man with the surname Chen recounted a story on Facebook group Bao Fei 1 Commune of how he managed to retrieve his iPhone at the bottom of Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake where it stayed submerged for about a year. Chen says that he wore his phone around his neck while paddleboarding but upon losing his balance, he fell into the water and his phone slipped off and disappeared.

He assumed all was lost, but a friend cryptically told him that he would see his phone again in a year, and he really did. This is because the water from the lake receded which allowed his phone to be retrieved, and thanks to his diligence where he had initially placed his phone inside of a waterproof pouch, the phone was relatively unharmed and even managed to turn back on.

This is not the first time we’ve heard such a story, although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you try this out for yourself.

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